Product Information

Vein quartz occurrences of extreme purity with over 99 percent SiO2 are found in many parts of Sri Lanka as discordant veins and they are mainly confined to the central highlands. Vein quartz usually occurs on the surface as very large boulders and may cover areas of several hectares extending down to depths of tens of meters.
Vein quartz is one of the purest forms of naturally occurring quartz with almost 100% of free silica (SiO2). Free silica occurs in many other forms with varying degrees of purity. Vein quartz, owing to its high purity and the crystallinity of quartz, generally exhibits excellent colour, clarity, hardness, piezoelectric properties, low thermal expansion, refractoriness, inertness and high thermal conductivity.
BBMSL has already obtained these world-class vein quartz deposits and the average purity of our alfresco quartz samples could reach over 99.5%, with the purest being around 99.8% analyzed and examined by SGS. And these high purity quartz deposits are the most needed high class raw material in the high tech arena of the world.